The popstar has launched an anti-AIDS project to help homeless women vulnerable to HIV and AIDS, according to

Sir Elton has joined forces with Ukranian businesswoman Elena Pinchuk to help homeless young women, especially the ones with children, who live in the street and to provide them with medical, legal and social aid.

"Nobody, no one should have to live like this. Especially women with children who have no place to go to. Now, with this centre they have medical treatment, they have scans, they have psychological help, they have someone to talk to, they have somewhere to go," Sir Elton said at the news conference in Kiev.

The singer, whose AIDS foundation have been working in Ukraine for more then two years, said the country`s government should do more to help the homeless.

"It`s up to us as a foundation and the Elena Pinchuk Foundation to try and make things better by working with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education. But the government has to do more, they have to step up, they have to eradicate this problem. We live in a 21st century, for Christ sake. This is a disgrace! It is a disgrace, no matter if it is London, New York, Kiev, Moscow, Sydney, wherever," the singer said.

Sir Elton has been in Ukraine a number of times and even tried to adopt a little boy, Lev, after visiting an orphanage in Donetsk region in 2009. The Ukrainian authorities did not allow the 64-year-old gay star to adopt the child due to his age and sexual orientation. John said that Lev had become a part of his life together with his adopted son Zachary, whom the musician is raising together with his life partner David Furnish.

"The two boys are intertwined in my life. And Zachary has been the greatest thing that has happened to me and to David. You have that responsibility every day, and you look forward and you can`t wait to see them in the morning and yes, I do sing to my child every night. I tell him a story and David tells him a story. We feed him, we bathe him, we do everything that a parent should do and we give him love. And he gives us so much more love back," the singer said.

According to United Nations statistics, Ukraine suffers from the worst HIV/AIDS epidemic in Eastern Europe with 1.3 percent of Ukrainians over 15 years old infected with HIV.