President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha claimed today that he will not run for the parliament at the early election, scheduled for 30 September.


According to the President`s press-office, he disclosed that the seventh place in the electoral list of Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc will be occupied by another candidate. “In his time, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko delegated me to the parliament as the number seven in the electoral list. However, having thoroughly assessed all the conditions, I decided to yield this position to another politician from the democratic camp. I believe this is a right step”, V.Baloha said.

He also expressed a belief that the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc will form a strong, efficient, and bright electoral team, which will bring it the victory at the voting on 30 September. “A democratic, patriotic faction will be set up in the Verkhovna Rada, free from any motives except for professional legislative work for the sake of people”, the Chief of Staff stressed.

V.Baloha emphasized that none of the Presidential Secretariat employees will run for the parliament at the upcoming election. “This was an unanimous decision, without any compulsion. Everybody working in the Secretariat shares the understanding of necessity to continue this complicated administrative work”, he claimed.

The Chief of Staff noted that he will continue working on his post. “At present time, the group of President’s top managers, which came to the 11 Bankova Str. less than a year ago, has a lot of tasks to do. We are preparing new decisions, necessary for the society and the country”, V.Baloha added.