President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has made a statement before the electoral campaign, according to the President`s press-office.

The statement reads as follows:

“On the eve of Ukraine’s election campaign I would like to resolutely urge all executive offices, law enforcement bodies and political forces to demonstrate their enhanced commitment to the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine.

The campaign should be held in a peaceful, democratic and civilized manner. I guarantee that parliament will be reelected fairly. I would like to emphasize that governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies must not become hostages of any political processes.

I want to believe that the participants of the campaign will have a fair political competition. Any use of “black technologies” should become the nation`s verdict for its executors and originators. The people expect Ukrainian politicians to present a real action plan instead of fighting.

I firmly demand that law enforcement bodies act effectively to preserve social peace and security and prevent any attack on the country’s stability and violations of electoral laws.

Together with our society I hope the judicial branch will demonstrate its impartiality, objectivity and ability to effectively protect the law.

I am already worried about criminal attacks on journalists and cases of intimidation of journalists and editors. Law enforcement bodies and society must stop such actions immediately and uncompromisingly.

I would like to warn all unambiguously that it is unacceptable to fan hysteria about foreign policy, national security and humanitarian issues. Such speculations are particularly dangerous and so need a fast and adequate response by the government.

The election campaign is a period when state officials, ministers and political leaders must be particularly responsible.

I am calling on all the participants of the campaign to be responsible for the people and want to warn you not to do anything that might have a negative impact on civil freedoms in Ukraine, the country’s situation and the effective functioning of election commissions and governmental bodies.

I believe the early parliamentary election will bring positive changes in Ukraine and, as head of state, I firmly intend to spare no effort to implement them.”