41 Chernobyl cleanup veterans went on hunger strike in Donetsk on November 14.

Chairman of Donetsk Oblast Organization of “Chernobyl-Unity” of Chernobyl cleanup veterans all Ukrainian Public Organization Mykola Goncharov said this to correspondent of  www.ostro.org.

“We started a hunger strike yesterday - 41 people stayed in an assembly hall of the Oblast Department of the Pension Fund all the night”, he said.

“218 people expressed readiness to join the hunger strike. But some of them did not have medicines and they had to go home for medicines”, said the leader of the protest action.

He added that all protesters will gather again near the Pension Fund.

“According to information that we have, Governor Andriy Shyshatskyi holds negotiations with the Prime Minister concerning our demands. After that we will see”, said M. Goncharov.