Daughter of ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko Eugenia Carr and defender Serhiy Vlasenko were not allowed to come to Lukyanivska pre-trial prison to Yu. Tymoshenko.

The daughter of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine said this in an exclusive comment to UNIAN.

“We together with Serhiy Vlasenko could not get to my mother yesterday. We were refused and they explained us that her state of health became worse and she can not get up from a bed”, said Eugenia Carr.

“However, today it turned out that worsening of health is  an obstacle for relatives and lawyers but not for investigators. Investigatory actions are scheduled for today. I think that it is a real victimization towards my mother”, Eugenia Carr expressed her indignation.

“Especially, I want “to thank” those pseudo-doctors who say about normal state of health of my mother every day. Tell me, if your parents were at the place of my mother, would you have the impudence to lie?”, asked the daughter of the former Prime Minister.