Ex Arizona governor candidate Cary Dolego has been holing up for some weeks in Chernovtsy.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, volunteers of “People’s help” city shelter for homeless people found him.

At the railway station they saw a man in a neglected condition who stood out against a background of homeless people; however he spoke perfect English. He had documents, a personal computer and a business suit.

USA citizen arrived in Bukovyna because of love. He met Chernovtsy resident Yulia via Internet and after a months-long correspondence he decided to meet his fiancée personally. C. Dolego wrote that he leaves for Chernovtsy, however, the woman did not meet him on the day agreed for unknown reason.

While speaking with an UNIAN correspondent, C. Dolego said that he is 53 years old. He is a veteran of police and he studies at the university of Arizona state, where he has been studying international relations discipline for three years; he has already obtained a bachelor`s degree. He planned to struggle against a high level of unemployment in Arizona at the post of governor.

C. Dolego arrived in Ukraine in May in order to share his original engineering decision with Ukrainian scientists. According to his opinion, this decision will give a possibility to prevent damage of sea ships and air crafts, and will help to reduce a statistics of victims in air and at sea. For this purpose he arrived in Sevastopol. However, his pension card account has been frozen in Crimea for technical reasons. According to the words of C. Dolego, the next trouble that he faced was an unexpected decision of an apartment owner to turn him out of the apartment, although he had paid a month in advance. He thought that a meeting with the Chernovtsy resident with whom he has been chatting in Internet for some months by that time would help him in this situation. Having arrived in Chernovtsy C. Dolego did not meet anybody. He knows that this woman is a surgeon.

According to the words of C. Dolego, he did not use a possibility to go home at the expense of the U.S. Embassy because of the following reason – because of violation of the visa regime he will not be able to arrive in Ukraine again any more. C. Dolego decided to find his beloved in Chernovtsy at all costs, even if he has to hole up.