Not long ago it was prohibited mentioning Holodomor in Ukraine.

Ask your parents what did they hear about Great Famine 1932—1933 at time of their youth?

Ask your grandparents whether they could openly commemorate innocent victims?

Could they light a candle in memory of victims without fear?

We were forbidden to remember. Because, while remembering we start asking questions and looking for answers, and found answer demands an action.

 Despite all the dangers and risks of oppression, we retain the memory, first in secret, in a whisper, but then louder and bolder.

Thanks to that it is easier to remember today, and to act - as well.

If you do not care if you`re too lazy to come and light a candle in memory or at least put it on your screen - it would be a tacit agreement with those who firstly organized the genocide and then did their best to wipe it from a memory and in this way to wipe a whole people from the history.

Bread could save us at that time. Memory will save us now.

Remember. Come. Put a candle.

A public meeting and a beginning of mournful procession for commemoration measures at the territory of the National Museum Memorial to victims of Holodomors (Great Famines) in Ukraine” will take place on November 26, 2011, at 14.00 pm, Arsenalna metro station.

Participants of the mournful procession are asked to come with candles.


14.00 pm – a mournful procession of memory of perished and unborn children in 1932—1933 will start from Arsenalna metro station.

14.30 pm – a service for the dead near the National memorial of victims of Holodomor.

16.00 pm – a national minute of silence.

16.01 pm – “Light a candle of memory” national action