Socialist Party leader Oleksander Moroz believes that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine chairman will be elected within a week, though he does not rule out a “speakeriad”.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, O.Moroz turned the attention of journalists to the fact that the first VR session will also be the shortest. That is why, he believes, this session will just consider the issues, stipulated by the regulations, that is, organizational. The Socialist leader described it as a usual phenomenon at the first parliament session.

Speaking about the election of a speaker, O.Moroz said: “I think we are able to cope with this task during a week, but it will depend on how reliable will be the coalition. If it is based upon an accorded, understandable and voluntary basis, the speaker may be elected literally the next week, if not – there will be a kind of speakeriad”.