Viktor Baloha, President Victor Yushchenko’s chief of staff, thinks the Regions Party of Premier Viktor Yanukovych has accepted so many ministers as new members because it lacks confidence in its results at an early parliamentary election on September 30, according to the President`s press-office.

      “The leaders of the Regions Party understand that the party has lost much of its support over the past year…, even in the east of the country, where most of its supporters live. Listening to hypnotic pledges about stability and prosperity is one thing but paying the bills and spending more on food is a totally different thing. So the ministers have decided to hide from responsibility in parliament, behind legislative immunity. The ministers are all at the top of the list. This means the Regions Party understands that its fiasco is imminent and so hopes to ensure its ministers get seats in parliament.”

      Baloha also thinks the cabinet members will abuse authority and said Viktor Yanukovych had demanded that the government of Yuriy Yekhanurov must resign during last year’s campaign.

      He said none of the secretariat officials was taking part in the campaign, adding that Yushchenko’s aides and advisors that will participate in the September poll had been formally dismissed today.