Yulia Tymoshenko’s defense has entered a motion to allow live coverage of the appeals trial, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

“We ask the court to allow television cameras in the courtroom to provide live coverage,” said defense attorney Mykola Siryi.

The defense also filed a repeat motion to close the proceedings against in the case against the ex-premier. “Under no circumstances can criminal law be applied to political decisions. As a result of the consideration of the case by the court of first instance, it was determined that Yulia Tymoshenko committed political acts and did not go beyond the limits of political decisions and actions. By applying article 365 the court distorted the entire trial,” he said.

Defense attorney Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk supported his colleagues’ request. “This is a special trial that should be held on conditions of publicity so that it`s understood outside and inside the country. So that it’s clear what goes on at the trial so as to avoid misunderstandings and false statements. I ask the court to allow the media to record the proceedings and broadcast them live,” he said.