Deputy Chief of Staff Anatoly Matviyenko said today’s election was “being held democratically and fairly like never before in our modern history” and added that people were in good mood, according to the President’s press-office.

“It is really calm at the polls and there are no unnecessary people like during the previous election: militia officers, local officials, etc.,” he said, adding that observers and journalists are also working without problems. 

Then Mr. Matviyenko said Ukrainians were voting “responsibly and conscientiously:” “They were well-instructed and informed, which also ensures greater transparency.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff noted some problems with local elections but said “it indicated the weakness of regional political parties and insufficient propaganda.”

Mr. Matviyenko also said members of election commissions were not sufficiently prepared.

He said many problems were also caused by imperfect laws.


“Unfortunately, the Verkhovna Rada ignored their voters’ interests and decided to protect political parties, for it was only beneficial for parties to hold central and local elections simultaneously,” he opined.

These laws complicate the work of election commissions. Their members will have to spend about thirty hours at the polls, which can result in many technical inaccuracies. He reiterated that the government tried to create conditions for all to vote comfortably.