Dr. Mykola Polishchuk, professor, former minister of health and member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, says the results of the examination performed in the Kyiv Oblast Clinical Hospital indicate that Yulia Tymoshenko needs further evaluation and treatment in a hospital, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"It’s impossible to cure this with some injections and various manipulations that can be carried out in a non-specialized institution. If the ex-premier’s treatment is delayed, she may be disabled for life. Any disease, no matter what it is, if it lasts long, can lead to disability. Any disease, not just what she has," Polishchuk told the press today in Kyiv.

In his opinion, further examinations by independent medical experts could be carried out in the Kyiv Oblast Clinical Hospital. "The conditions there allow for proper examinations, treatment, and independent experts can be invited there. Given the high profile of this case, I think it would be perfectly normal to agree to allow independent doctors, including from abroad, to examine Tymoshenko," he said.

Dr. Polishchuk stressed that lack of specialized treatment for pain over a long period of time may result in a need for surgery in the future. "I can say that there are pathological changes that cause pain during any activity. This can occur not only when sitting or lying down. My conclusion is clear: these symptoms limit movement and any kind of activity," he said.

"With the picture we have today, the MRI and description, I believe you can clearly say that it’s a pathology of the spine – it’s not cancer, it’s not a contagious disease, it’s a disease that can occur in any person under certain conditions," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anatoliy Diachok, a vascular surgeon, said it’s necessary to find the cause of the bruises on Tymoshenko’s body. "I believe that Tymoshenko needs a full independent medical examination in an independent hospital to establish the exact diagnosis," he said.

Dr. Polishchuk’s findings were presented by Tymoshenko’s defense during the preliminary appeal in her appeal as justification for their motion to delay the proceedings until her health improves. However, the judge refused the request.