Journalists, who will cover a visit of President of Ukraine to Yenakievo metallurgical plant PJSC, were taken to Donetsk airport for examination.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, journalists, who went from the Oblast State Administration to Yenakievo, were firstly taken to Donetsk airport and were examined carefully.

Journalists noted that this innovation took place in their practice for the first time during recent 10 years.

In the airport an employee of the SBU explained to mass media representatives that they should enter in turn, they should take overclothes off and put it with other clothes on an examination tape. At the same time he underlined: “Enter in turn and hold a personal certification of accreditation with a photo in hand”.

After an examination journalists were checked in a list, were given badges with an inscription “Press” ; journalists went to buses at 10.30 am, and after that they went to Yenakievo.