The growth of the film industry in Ukraine in 2011 helped guaranteed an increase the number of movie theater visitors, the opening of new theaters and an increase in ticket prices, according to Kyiv Weekly. The box office proceeds of movie theaters in Ukraine this year increased by 22.6%. While this figure was lower than what was expected after the CIS film industry hit the US $ 1 bn benchmark last year, it still exceeded their expectations as only this September they hoped for 10-15% growth figures. KW wrote this week.

The US $5.26 mn in proceeds of the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Ukrainian box offices was the second highest in the history of the Ukrainian cinema industry behind the US $8.69 mn in box office proceeds from Avatar two years ago. This year Transformers came in second with US $4.08 mn box office, as Puss in Boots earned US $3.84 mn. Media forecasts about Russia’s film industry outlook proved to be true. It had the worst ratings over the past several years with only Sluzhebniy Roman: Nashe Vremya (Romance on the Job: Our Time) made it into the Top 10 with US $2.8 mn in box office proceeds.

The majority of national film distributors agree that the growth of the film industry this year is due to three factors. “Essentially, 60% of the observed increase in box office proceeds was due to attendance, 30% due to the opening of new movie theaters and the rest due to the increase in ticket prices,” says Puhach. According to data of Media Resources Management, in 2011 the cost of a ticket to a movie theater increased on average by 11% from US $4.50 to US $5.05.

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