The main task of ideologues of the Party of Regions is to instill an inferiority complex in the minds of Ukrainians, according to Kyiv Weekly. The flipside of such a strategy is total hatred to the government, KW wrote in an analytical article titled Driving nation into doom and despair.

Recent initiatives of the government are not simply a factor that makes a young family think twice about having a child, not to mention a second or third child. In fact, they corroborate distrust in the relations between society and the government. They increase the suspicion in the society that the policy has nothing to do with social justice but is in fact tightening of the screws on the backdrop of rampant corruption, permissiveness and the impunity of those they have elected. In the end, this strengthens the peoples’ sense of dejection, hopelessness and apathy in society.

The polls by the Horshenin Institute conducted in March showed that only 7.7% of the respondents said that the political situation in the country may make them to participate in acts of protest. The violation of civil rights and freedoms would force only 14.8% of the people to take to the streets. Meanwhile, 36% of the surveyed said they are ready to protest against the rise in prices of goods and services, 25.8% - if wages, stipends or pensions are not paid on time, and 19.4% - against unemployment or the threat of losing their job. Finally, 26.1% of the surveyed are not prepared to take part in acts of protest in any circumstances.

The government has two options: either it should buy the favoritism of voters for which it apparently does not have the money to do so, or it simply put the hammer down on them. So, judging from the logic of the ruling authorities, Ukrainians can expect to see the second variant with all its effluent bloody and revolutionary consequences.