Director of the Ukrainian branch of humanitarian – political researches Institute Volodymyr Malynkovych thinks that deputy’s benefits and immunity need not the cancellation but the considerable limitation.

This opinion he expressed today in the interview to UNIAN, giving comments to the yesterday`s television appeal of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to Ukrainian people.

According to his words, the deputy`s immunity – is a norm, which exists practically in all European constitutions. He noted that there parliament members are protected by the immunity, in one countries – more, in other countries – less.

That is why the slogan of the President concerning the cancellation of the deputy`s immunity sounded in more softened form – cancellation of the unlimited deputy immunity. At the same time, according to the opinion of V. Malynkovych, the cancellation of the benefits and immunity will not be the decisive factor in the struggle with corruption, including the parliament.