Eugenia Tymoshenko, daughter of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, says her mission is to fight for her mother’s freedom, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to Eugenia Tymoshenko, “the very fact that the European Court of Human Rights will consider my mother’s complaints, the reaction from the international community to this politically motivated trial, and the attitude of people in Ukraine to this show trial is evidence that everyone around has long understood that all these charges are unfounded and inadequate. In a civilized court such fantasies by the investigators wouldn’t even be heard.”

“The regime doesn’t like my active public and civic position. I have said and continue to say that my main goal is to fight for my mother’s freedom. All other sensational speculations are deliberate provocations aimed at distracting people’s attention from the main issue – that my mother is being held behind bars illegally,” Eugenia Tymoshenko said.

“I will focus all my efforts only on her release. I am confident that my mother will participate in the parliamentary and presidential elections. I believe in this. Justice exists and it’s worth fighting for!” she concluded.