Economic growth is the key to a successful solution of social problems, President Viktor Yanukovych in an interview for Evenings with Vitaliy Korotych TV program, according to the Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych.

"For us to be able to solve social issues, we have to significantly raise the economic level. According to our estimates, the GDP growth should be at least 6% annually. The more, the better," he said. He drew attention to the fact that the indicator has been improving recently: in 2010, GDP grew 4.2%, and this year the figure will be about 5%.

The President stressed that Ukraine will continue its efforts to speed up economic growth, and qualified staff will be trained to conduct the work. "If there is no forward movement and no hard work, there will be nothing. I do not believe that anything can be achieved without hard work," said Viktor Yanukovych.