The representatives of the Party of Regions disprove the statement of the Communist Party of Ukraine leader Petro Symonenko concerning that “Regions” support his intention to head the Verkhovna Rada of the 6th convocation.

Particularly, according to the press service of the Kyiv City Organization of the Party of Regions, member of the Party of Regions Vassyl Gorbal expressed an opinion that it is early to speak about the head of the next parliament.

 At the same time, he is sure that communist will be present at the parliament of the 6th convocation.

“We got used to Adam Martynuk as Vice Speaker, and the VR presidium is impossible without him. But whether the representative of the communist is able to head the parliament – it is early to speak about it”, answered V. Gorbal.

According to his words, this variant is not studied yet, “because it is necessary to see what forces will enter the parliament”.