If a referendum concerning the trust to President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to be carried out in the nearest future, a half (some 52.3%) of Ukrainians would express distrust to the President. The data of the sociological poll, which was carried out by “Sophia” social research center from July 27 to August 7 and passed to UNIAN, indicate this.

Only one third (some 31.0%) of the respondents are ready to say about their trust to the President at the referendum. (The rest of those polled did not decide or said that they will not take part in this referendum).

Concerning the perception peculiarities of the political crisis, which took place in spring 2007, there is no definite perception of the political crisis. The major part (some 39.8%) of those polled thinks that during the political crisis it were the representatives of the Government and the parliament coalition who in their actions and demands in major degree followed the law. Some 34.1% of the respondents think that the President and representatives of the opposition followed the law. Some 26.1% of those polled did not decide yet.

Some 48.9% of those polled think that during the political crisis V. Yushchenko in his orders repeatedly broke provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine. Some 30.6% have the contrary opinion. Some 20.5% did not decide yet.

According to data of the research the negative perception of the actions of President V. Yushchenko during the political crisis delivered a blow to his image. The considerable part (some 42.4%) of those polled characterizes V. Yushchenko as “authoritarian politician, neglecting laws for the sake of ensuring personal power”. At the same time, one third (some 32.2%) of those polled think V. Yushchenko is “democratic leader, guarantor of Constitution”. Some 25.4% did not decide yet.

In a whole 2017 respondents were polled. The error margin do not exceed 2.2%