17 August 2017
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Party of Regions expect no less than 20% of Kyiv residents to support them on election

Party of Regions expect to have no less than 20% of Kyiv residents votes

The Party of Regions expects that no less than 20% of Kyiv residents will support them on early parliamentary election.

Leader of the Kyiv City Organization of the Party of Regions Vassyl Gorbal said this, the press service of the capital organization of the Party of Regions disclosed this to UNIAN.

According to the words of V. Gorbal, the calculations are based on sociological researches, which “testify, that compared with year 2006 the rating of the Party of Regions increased”.

According to his opinion, it happens because of the consequent and effective policy of the Party of Regions in all-Ukrainian scale as well as in the capital.

Moreover, V. Gorbal said that people go by the electoral programs, which are proposed by the participants of the electoral process, and “the program of the Party of Regions gainfully differs from the propositions of our opponents”.

“Also we expect for the support of people, who voted for Ne Tak Bloc and Viche on previous election”, noted V. Gorbal, having explained that “bright representatives” of these political forces joined the Party of Regions, and these political forces by themselves at their conventions took a decision to support the Part of Regions.

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