A sale of cats and dogs in Kyiv has been temporarily forbidden because of outburst of rabies in Kyiv. Counters of the main pet market of the capital at Kurenevka have already been near-empty this Sunday.

“The ban on sale of quadrupeds will last up to an end of quarantine that was announced in the middle of December. Despite everything is quiet in Kyiv and cases of rabies have not been registered this year (2012 – note of edition), these restrictions have been implemented until situation stabilizes”, head of the press service of the State Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Service of Ukraine Anatoliy Osadchiy said this to “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

According to all the rules, the quarantine should last at least 60 days. So sale of cats and dogs will be forbidden at least up to February 18. A Veterinary militia, patrols of which will check trade rows at the pet market, will control an implementation of the ban.

However it is possible to buy animals via Internet or ads. Vets advise people, who want to buy a pet, to make certain that there is a note concerning vaccination against rabies in a passport of an animal.

An outburst of rabies was registered in Kyiv in December.