Some 37.6% of Ukrainians think that the debates among political leaders considerably influence on the political choice during the election campaigning.

The results of “Ukraine on the eve of election” research, which was carried out by Gorshenin’s Institute in the frameworks of the «Mental bases of choice» annual program, and which was passed to UNIAN, testify this.

According to the poll, meetings of politicians with people as the pre-election instrument of influence on voters are at the second place – some 37% of voters have such opinion. The following instruments are: party’s program (some 34%), speeches in mass media (some 28%), news in mass media (some 25%), political advertising on television and radio (some 16%), billboards, leaflets, posters (some 5%).

At the same time about two thirds of those polled are sure that the pre election promises of politicians will not be fulfilled. Some 13% of Ukrainians believe in promises of politicians.

The considerable majority of voters (some 84%) think that the main topic of the pre - election promises will be increasing of the wage and pensions. However, some 40% of Ukrainians are sure that the increasing of the wage and pensions before the election will not influence on their political choice.

Giving comments to the researches, expert of the Institute Victoria Savostjyanova noted that Ukrainian voters listen to the promises of the politicians concerning the increasing of the social standards very often, that is why the real increasing of the wage and pensions became not effective instrument for the influence on electorate. That is why, according to the words of expert, the meetings with the representatives of the Ukrainian policy is more effective for them, and according to Gorshenin’s Institute, every third Ukrainian is guided by the personal sympathy to definite politician.

“Ukrainian voter wants to see the article by the “face”. And it is positive tendency. Now it is necessary that in the consciousness of people the connection between their life, choice and power to restore. Gorshenin’s Institute carries out its researches for not only to study the mentality of Ukrainians, but also in order to urge Ukrainian voters on conscious choice”, noted V. Savostjyanova.

“Ukraine on the eve of election” research was carried out by the Gorshenin’s Institute in the frameworks of the “Mental bases of choice” annual program of researches from June 20 to July 4, 2007 in 128 settlements of Ukraine (62 cities and 66 villages). In a whole 2006 of respondents were polled, who present the population of Ukraine over 18 age. The error margin makes up some 2.2%.