Ukraine was planning to switch to using coal instead of gas in all the country’s power engineering industry, which would make it possible to save approximately 6 bn cubic meters of gas annually, according to KyivWeekly. “We will use coal in all Ukrainian power industry. It will take us approximately a year to switch, but we have already started the process,” Minister of Energy and the Coal Yuriy Boiko said as quoted by KW.

The minister noted that for implementation of the program a law should be passed that would allow the privatization of TPPs or conveying them into concession. “As soon as the VR passes the law allowing TPPs to be taken off the list of property not subject to privatization, we will put them for concession or privatization. But on one condition – they should be converted to using water and coal technology,” Boiko added.

The minister also mentioned that Ukraine negotiated with its Chinese partners the implementation of the corresponding technology. “Currently, we are working on this technology jointly with our Chinese partners. It will help us save approximately 6 bn cubic meters of gas annually,” the minister concluded.