A signing of the Agreement on joint actions is the first victory of the democratic forces in 2012, said leader of the USDP, lawmaker of Ukraine ( the BYUT-Batkivshchyna faction) Natalia Korolevskaya.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, answering questions of journalists whether the USDP supported the Agreement on United Opposition, N. Korolevskaya noted that “the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party together with other parties of the Committee on Resistance to Dictatorship suppoprted the Agreement on Joint Actions of the United Opposition. The signing of the Agreement is the first joint victory of the democratic forces in 2012. It is a presage and first step to a further big victory that whole Ukrainian people jointly with democratic forces will achieve on October 28”.

According to the words of the head of the USDP, the party is about to concentrate on three main tasks in coming future. The first one is a preparation of a policy document that will consist of the goals of the opposition and a view of development of the country after a victory at election-2012. The second one is organization of all-Ukrainian network of public observation over election in order to prevent forgeries. And the third one is an assertion of widest representation of public leaders in formation of a single list from the opposition in the nomination of candidates for majoritarian districts.