Son of President of France Nicolas Sarkozy Pierre Sarkozy, who arrived in Odessa, was hospitalized with indications of food poisoning in Oblast hospital today.

A source in law-enforcement bodies disclosed this to UNIAN.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, Pierre Sarkozy, 26, arrived in Odessa in order to play DJ-set at a private closed party in “Chaykovskiy” Odessa club.

In his turn, an employee of the institution said that the son of the French President felt unwell before arrival in Odessa: “He drank only a mineral water in our club”.

Head of the Mission of the Foreign Ministry in Odessa Konstyantyn Rzhepishevskiy confirmed to UNIAN that P.  Sarkozy is on a private visit in the city, however he dodged any comments.

At the same time, charter aircraft from Paris has just landed in Odessa international airport; on the board of this aircraft P. Sarkozy will probably leave Odessa.

UNIAN’s note. P. Sarkozy is elder son of President of France Nicolas Sarkozy from his first marriage with Marie-Dominique Culioli. He was born in 1985. Pierre Sarkozy (DJ Mosey) is well known musician.