The Cabinet may of Ministers once again get hold of an expensive telecommunications asset for further resale, according to KyivWeekly. The Cabinet is drafting a resolution on setting up the national fourth generation communication network 4G. The state-owned company Open World will be implementing the project and later will be transformed into a public joint stock company, KW in an article titled 4G for Govt.

Curator of the 4G national project Ihor Kurus said a compromise was reached at the start of the year with the National Communications and Informatization Commission (NCIC) and a corresponding draft resolution was agreed upon which is seen from the resolution of the regulator No. 16 of January 12 posted on the department’s website.

Earlier, plans were announced to spend UAH 4.8 bn over five years for Open World project. 25% of this amount are to be allocated from the national budget. The rest will come from private investments. Up to 2 mn “school” netbooks will be connected to the 4G network. It is planned that the network will cover 20,000 schools around the country.

It is anticipated, Kurus said, that the network will operate in the Long Term Evolution (Long Term) standard in the radio frequency 790-862 MHz, which in Europe is named a “digital dividend” (the remains of the range after transition of a country from analog to digital television broadcasting.

“As European experience shows, this range is best suitable for coverage in small populated areas. We have managed to convince the NCIC that the project is realistic, because both digital and analog television transmitters do not create full coverage in Ukraine,” Kurus continues. The draft resolution specifies that it will take 48 months to build the network.