BYUT leader Yulia Tymoshenko is sure that two-three days will be enough for her Bloc and Our Ukraine-People’s Self Defence Bloc to create new government after the early election.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Y. Tymoshenko said it on August 21 at the news conference in Chernovtzy.

She noted that her political force and Our Ukraine have signed an agreement long ago concerning “what we will do in power if we are in opposition”. “And I hope that out allies will not act on two fronts for this time, and they will have a clear position. And it will allow to create the government for 2-3 days”, said Y. Tymoshenko.

At the same time she underlined that if the BYUT receives 226 deputy mandates as a result of the early election, “it will be enough one-two hours for her to create coalition and government”.