A group of armed people in black uniform and masks seized the building of Odessa oppositional TV channel “Novaya Odessa” (“New Odessa”) at Fontanskaya Street 11, abut at 9.00 am.

Editor-in-chief of the channel Serhiy Bratchuk said this to UNIAN.

According to the words of S. Bratchuk, “armed people do not let him enter inside the building as well as other employees. I do not know who these unknown people are and what they want”. 

One of the journalists, blocked in the building, said that “the employees of the TV channel are not allowed to get to their working places – they motivate the seizure by carrying out investigator actions. It is unclear in accordance with what criminal case the actions are carried out”.

“As of now the force seizure of the building do not influence the broadcasting of the programs of our oppositional TV channel”,-added S. Bratchuk.

At the same time PR Department of the Administration of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in the Oblast said to an UNIAN correspondent that they do not have information about a search in the editorial office of “Novaya Odessa” Television Company.

It is necessary to note that “Novaya Odessa” TV channel is closely connected with the “Front of Changes” political party. At the end of January siloviki (law-enforcement bodies)) tried to seize one of Odessa companies, the stock owners of which are leaders of the “Front of Changes” Oblast organization – lawmakers of Odessa Oblast Council. However, engineers and employees barricaded themselves and wrecked the seizure.