Son of ex President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko Andriy Yushchenko does not think about political future, TSN reports.

According to the words of Andriy Yushchenko, he did not celebrate New Year with his father. The former President of Ukraine together with the biggest part of the family celebrated the holiday in Western Ukraine, and Andriy Yushchenko with his wife Elizabeth were in New York.

Elizabeth noted that they decided with husband that it is last New Year, which they celebrate without they little daughter.

Answering the question what son of ex President of Ukraine did now, he said that he continues to build his business that is located in Western Ukraine.

Andriy Yushchenko noted that he does not want to go into politics.

“I have an example of my father, I see what politics did with him, and frankly speaking I feel sorry for him. I do not what such future for me and my family”, - noted Andriy Yushchenko.