Some 32.9% of Ukrainians would like to see Victor Yanukovych at the position of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the results of the sociological poll, which was carried out by “Ukrainian Sociology Service” company, Kyiv International Sociology Institute and “Sotzys” service, testify this.

According to the data, which were published at a news conference in UNIAN today, some 21% of those polled would like to see Yulia Tymoshenko at this position.

All other candidates for this position considerably yield to the present Prime Minister and the BYUT leader.

Particularly, some 4.8% of Ukrainians are not against that Yuriy Lutsenko will become the Prime Minister, some 3.4% - Volodymyr Lytvyn, some 3.1% - Petro Symonenko,  some 1.8% - Oleksandr Moroz, some 1.7% - Rynat Akhmetov, some 1.5% -Yuriy Yekhanurov, some 0.9% - Victor Baloha.

Some 24.4% of those polled have not decided yet.

The poll was carried out during 5 –20 July. 11 thousand 075 voters took part in the poll, the error margin does not exceed 1 %.