Leaders of the European Union do see any sense in meeting with President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych due to the political process.

Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira said this in an interview to “LIGABusinessInform”.

Answering the question that in spite of efforts of Foreign Minister of Ukraine Konstyantyn Hryshchenko and Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Serhiy Lyovochkin, any leader of the EU did not meet (in Davos – UNIAN) with President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, J. Teixeira noted: “I could explain it by the fact that there were enough meetings of V. Yanukovych with leaders of the EU and EU member states at the highest level for the recent years. But in 2011 we saw that all appeals and requests to President Yanukovych – not to continue movement on today’s way, not to use justice in political purposes for removal of political rivals- were not heard. That is why when you come to a conclusion that the dialogue is not fruitful and there are no signs of improvement in Ukraine, what is the sense of it?”

At the same time, the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine noted that leaders of the EU and EU member states expect from the Ukrainian leadership clear signals “concerning a turn in opposite direction from the shameful processes that Ukraine demonstrated to the world”, in particular it touches upon trials of ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and former Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko and others.