Representative of the international journalistic organization “Reporters without borders” in Ukraine Oksana Romanyuk got a punch in the face. In such a way an attacker was trying to impede her recording a building process, which was taking place near the house she lives in. O. Romanyuk said this to the members of “Stop censorship” movement. 

O. Romanyuk said to “Telekritika”  that the incident took place on the night of February 7 when unknown people carried out construction works near the house at Svoboda avenue, 24 in Kyiv (Vinogradar district). Builders established kiosks cutting out the trees. They tried to place kiosks at children`s and sporting playgrounds.  Some inhabitants including O. Romanyuk started a protest action against this building process. The builders surrounded them. O. Romanyuk asked them to show the documents and the scuffle started.

“I was making a record on my cell phone in order to post this information in mass media and social networks. I said that I was a journalist but I did not have a certificate at that moment. The builders impeded me to make records – they shielded the camera, took my cell phone away, pushed me and punched me in the face.

O. Romanyuk addressed the militia. “They drew up a report and let the attacker go”,- she added.

According to her words, the builder recommended inhabitants to stop protests because he has permission for building process received from the department of municipal improvement of Kyiv City State Administration.