Some 34.7% of Ukrainians are ready to give their votes for the Party of Regions on the early parliamentary election.

The results of the express-poll, which was carried out by the Fund of Liberty, indicate this.

According to the poll, to the group of leaders also enter the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc – some 21.2%, the Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence Bloc – some 18.6% and the CPU – some 6.9%.

According to the researches, the second group includes the SPU – some 2.4%, the Lytvyn’s Bloc – some 2.2% and the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine – some 1.5%. However, they have a chance to overcome the 3% barrier on the election and joint to leader parties, though they are in the risk zone now.

The all-Ukrainian poll of the public opinion was carried out by Fund of Liberty from 16 to 21 of August of this year. 1308 respondents over 18 years took part in it. The error margin makes up some 2.9%.