Chairman of KCSA Oleksandr Popov paid a working visit to London.

“It was a short but very informative visit, the topic of which was a preparation of London for Summer Olympic Games in 2012. From a standpoint of experience this trip was interesting and useful for us  - we saw so called Olympic small town, which Englishmen prepare for fans. We were acquainted with conception of security, mobility, travel preparation of the city. By the way comparing the preparation process of London and Kyiv I want to mention: our preparation for Euro-2012 is not worse”, - the press service of KCSA citing Oleksandr Popov.

He also said that during the visit to London Kyiv officials met with organizations –representatives of fans.

“We told fans how Kyiv prepares to receive guests during Euro-2012. England is one of the countries, which team will play at Olimpiyskyi NSC, that is why this issue is important for their fans. And we are interested in this issues from view of attraction of foreign guests to Kyiv tourism even after Euro-2012”, said chairman of KCSA.

He added that Englishmen were interested in information presented by Kyiv officials and they plan to visit Ukrainian capital during the football competition.