More than one third of Ukrainians named Victor Yushchenko the best President of Ukraine for all years of independence of the state.

President of “Sotziovymir” Sociological and Political Researches Center, director of International Institute of Democracies Sergiy Taran published these data at the news conference in UNIAN today.

According to his words, some 35% of those polled named V. Yushchenko the best President, some 16% - Leonid Kuchma, some 17% - Leonid Kravchuk. At the same time some 32% of those polled could not answer the question.

S. Taran also said that some 43% of those polled named Volodymyr Lytvyn the best Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada for all years of independence, some 13% - Oleksandr Moroz, some 9% - Ivan Plyushch, some 8% - L Kravchuk, some 1% - Oleksandr Tkachenko. According to the results of the research, some 24% of those polled could not answer the question and some 2% named other surnames.

Moreover, some 32% of those polled named Victor Yanukovych the best Prime Minister of Ukraine, some 27% - Yulia Tymoshenko, some 14% - V. Yushchenko, some 3% - Anatoliy Kinakh, some 2% - Yuriy Yekhanurov and Pavlo Lazarenko, some 1% - Valeriy Pustovoytenko and L. Kuchma, some 17% could not give the answer and some 1% named other surnames.