The government does not hear the demands of the voter which is in striking contradiction to the main campaign slogan of Viktor Yanukovych “I will hear everybody”, runs an article in the latest issue of Kyiv Weekly.

The society keeps receiving portions of empty rhetoric which nobody believes to both inside the country and beyond its borders. However, many top officials together with the president and premier encourage formation of a comfortable world, where their words always correspond to their actions and enjoy public trust.

The spokespersons for the Party of Regions accused the previous government of populism implying that it made passes with the wide public for the sake of its popularity. Indeed, the oratory constituent was substantial in the program of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko “Ten steps towards people” and in the campaign promises of BYT leader Yulia Tymoshenko and OU-PSD led by Yuriy Lutsenko, who as a result of parliamentary elections 2007 formed the ruling coalition.

Some of the Orange promises, nevertheless,  were fulfilled. For example, the promised increase by 10 times of financial assistance at childbirth and reduction of term military service to 12 months were fulfilled from the Ten Steps program. In other cases, attempts were made to fulfill the promises, like in case with payment of “Yulia’s thousand” or cancellation in the first reading of deputy immunity.