Authorities are ready to promote development of capital industry no in words but in concrete deeds. According to the press service of KCSA, chairman of KCSA Oleksandr Popov said this during the meeting with members of Committee of directors of companies, institutions and organizations of Kyiv.

In particular, he instructed all core administrations to study all possible opportunities in order to promote a growth of competitiveness of the capital enterprises. An indisputable quality of production and a high competitiveness will allow Kyiv companies to take part in tender purchases with confidence.

Moreover, head of Kyiv City State Administration promised to assist enterprises in solving issues concerning housing ensuring of employees of factories and plants.

“We have many joint tasks and a common mission. Developing industry, we are opening a second wind for economy of the capital. It means an improvement of social protection and a level of life of Kyiv citizens, creation of new job places, renovation of city infrastructure, solving of housing ensuring problems. I am sure that we should work as united team”, said Oleksandr Popov addressing to the committee of directors.