Running the risk of being defrocked, a priest from the Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church rampaged through the sidewalks of Kiev on a jeep and tried to beat up the traffic police who stopped him, according to RIA Novosti.

Church hierarchs are considering the appropriate punishment for Mykola Klimenko, but have no doubt it would be strict, a church spokesman told local news website TSN on Friday.

Klimenko apparently confused the sidewalk with the driving lane when cruising in front of the St. Volodymyr`s Cathedral in central Kiev on Wednesday, the report said. No injuries were reported.

When pulled over by traffic police, Klimenko tried to beat them up and rip off their epaulettes, the report said. A video released by TSN also showed the disheveled priest in a brown suit staggering around and bashing the window of a police car from outside, with cops evidently reluctant to stop him.

Klimenko refused an alcohol test and called the incident “the happiest day of his life.” However, he may reconsider after the hearing in his case, which was pending review in a local court on Friday.