Air flights service time will be optimized at Boryspil Airport for Euro-2012, along with ensuring close cooperation and information exchange between all allied airport entities, the same way as with the Eurocontrol Central Flow Management Unit, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012. This has been announced by Eurocontrol leading expert Dave Hogg who had held several meetings in Boryspil dedicated to the issues related to introduction of the European system called Airport Collaborative Decision Making for servicing European air companies and passengers. The key elements of this system will be implemented in the near future, the Information Centre Ukraine-2012 has learnt from the airport’s press service.

The airport’s CDM enables each airport within the network to take more efficient and timely decisions, substantially reducing the number of delays caused by slot regulation and increasing flights regularity on the whole. This network’s partners can exchange exact and timely information using notifications in CDM-A format, taking prompt decisions related to standard procedures and aircraft land services.

The CDM-A system already operates at Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam airports. Boryspil Airport will become the first one in Eastern Europe to join this programme.

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