The members of the independent medical commission sent by the Government of Canada to examine Yulia Tymoshenko say the ex-premier requires confidential blood and toxicology testing, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"At the outset we would like to state how proud of and grateful to the Government of Canada we are for the strong position it has taken internationally on the Tymoshenko matter with respect to her health needs,” Dr. Christine Derzko, MD, FRCSC, is quoted as saying in a statement released in Canada. “The Canadian government through the ministry of Foreign Affairs wasted no time in turning words into action and no effort was spared in getting the Canadian humanitarian mission underway. Ms. Tymoshenko asked that we express her deepest gratitude to the Government of Canada for this initiative."

"As we watched, every attempt at intimidation by Ukrainian state authorities failed because Ms. Tymoshenko refused to be cowed. In a quiet commanding voice she stated her position that Ukrainian law gave her the right to health care and to her choice of a physician, each time quoting the exact article of law which supported her position," concluded Dr. Derzko.

"After meeting and examining Ms. Tymoshenko, it is my opinion that she requires confidential blood and toxicology testing. Even though the Canadian team had point of care testing equipment which could produce results immediately, the Ukrainian authorities refused to allow its use, stating that we would be breaking several laws of the land and could face prosecution," stated Dr. Peter Kujtan, MD, PhD. "It was pointed out to them that it was the Ukrainian Government who invited us to carry out an examination, and that these testing items were listed on the original manifest."

"Ms. Tymoshenko was in full agreement and requested confidential and independent testing. The authorities also prevented the collection of any specimens vital for analysis. Any reports that she refused independent testing are false," continued Dr. Kujtan. "I believe that this lady is ill and in constant pain and requires toxicology and other laboratory testing. I also expressed concerns about injected substances she received that are banned in Canada."

"At the start and end of our report we identified the general state of health of Ms. Tymoshenko as "nezadovilne" that is not satisfactory and which the Ukrainian doctors agreed is best translated as "severely disabled," stated Dr. George Rewa, MD, FACC, FCCP, FAHA, FACP, FRCPC .

According to the statement, at the present time media inquiries regarding the Canadian medical mission that examined Yulia Tymoshenko will be directed through Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs or the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC).