First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Khoroshkovskyi wants “to reload” the relations of Ukraine with the EU.

According to an own UNIAN correspondent in Brussels, V. Khoroshkovskyi said this on February 27 delivering a speech at the conference “Ukraine-EU: a way ahead”.

“We should return the relations with the EU on a right way. And I believe on a fast way… In this way, I would say, we should “reload” the relations between Ukraine and the EU”, - said First Vice Prime Minister.

He noted that he sees three main points in agenda in relations of Ukraine with the EU. V. Khoroshkovskyi said that the firstly, it is carrying out of fair and free parliamentary elections in Ukraine in autumn this year; secondly, it is carrying out of efficient reforms, including an improvement of a climate of business; thirdly, it is continuation of the Euro integration course of Ukraine.