Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych is convinced that at present the biggest number of dirty technologies are directed against him.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Victor Yanukovych disclosed this at the today’s session of government.

“We are not surprised with the situation, which is presently observed in printed and television mass media, saying nothing of the Internet. I read about myself different tales, I’ve got used to that. If we make a rating analysis, on who they pour the biggest quantity of dirt, most probably, I will be one of the first nominees”, the Prime Minister said.

He pointed out he has no intent to apply to courts to defend his honor and dignity. “If I turn to courts, there will be no time to work, I would have to visit courts round-the-clock and hire a staff of lawyers. I believe if we begin to respond to these issues, we will not be busy with our task, that is why I propose: our policy should focus, first of all, on fulfilling our plans and tasks”, he explained.