Secretary of Ukraine`s National Security and Defense Council (UNSDC) Andriy Kluyev said corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to implementing reforms in the country, the press-service of the UNSDC reported Friday, according to Xinhua.

"Corruption defines the inefficiency of state power system and the local government system in many respects," Kluyev was quoted by the press-service as saying.

Corruption has significantly slowed the development of Ukraine, in particular, the state`s economy, Kluyev said.

It has undermined the rule of law and can also have a serious impact on Ukraine`s security, he added.

Kluyev noted Ukraine should tackle corruption systematically to reverse the situation.

The measures included loosening administrative control of the economy, simplifying administrative procedures, among others, he said.

In 2011 Ukraine ranked the 152nd of 183 countries and territories assessed in the annual Transparency International Corruption Perceptions index ranking.