President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko calls on to resume investigating the criminal case, which was brought against Interior Minister Vassyl Tsushko.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this today presenting his anti-corruption initiatives at the coordinating session of law-enforcement agencies chiefs.

“We will reopen the case, there must be responsibility”, the President pointed out.

Victor Yushchenko noted that life outside politics is the main task of law-enforcement bodies. “I cannot tolerate the insult to law-enforcement bodies, which was hurled several months ago, when the Interior Minister with a military subdivision entered the Prosecutor’s General Office, and we cannot put an end to this case till now”, he said.

“I have a question: do we have the same law, or is it different for farmers and Ministers?”, the President asked, adding that he does not understand why law-enforcement agencies interpret the law differently when the issue concerns authorities.

Victor Yushchenko once again called on law-enforcement agencies to abstain from politics. “It is a big danger when a Minister, who wears a holster with a gun, or a military man, who wears a holster with a gun, entertain with politics”, he said, stressing that the law forbids creating party organizations at law-enforcement bodies.