Brussels expert: Ukraine is beautiful country, but without master

10:34, 21 March 2012
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Policy analyst of the European Political Center...

Policy analyst of the European Political Center (Brussels) Amanda Paul calls upon Ukrainian authorities to refuse from a selective justice for improvement relations with the EU.

She said this at the news conference in UNIAN.

According to the words of A. Paul, Ukraine is a beautiful country with rich natural resources, however “all this remains without a master”. The expert noted that for 20 years the Ukrainian political elite has not developed the country but has quarreled with each other.

A. Paul said that Ukraine wants to joint the EU but “words and deeds are at variance, that is why there is no result”. At the same time, according to the words of the expert, the EU should not blame only Ukraine for absence of the progress by 100% and instead should give it a clear perspective of membership. 

She said that in spite of applied efforts the negotiations on signing of an agreement on association between Ukraine and the EU have not been completed. “Now it is not clear whether an agreement on association will be signed and whether it will be initialed”, - said A. Paul.

She said that in Ukraine there are a “sliding down” of democracy, selective justice the indicators of which are the criminal cases against ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and ex Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko. According to the words of the expert, it is necessary to give a possibility to these former high-ranking officials to return in politics and carry out democratic elections in October this year.

A. Paul said that the Ukrainian authorities should fight against “epidemic of corruption”. According to her words, all 27 countries of the EU oversee this process attentively. Also, according to her words, Ukraine should increase considerably a level of supremacy of law, carry out a range of reforms in different areas in coming future.

“All that happened in Ukraine for recent 18 months is a shame”, - said A. Paul. She said that Ukraine was a “lighthouse of democracy” at post soviet area and now Ukraine should rectify the situation the country.

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