Tymoshenko’s defense team presents latest irrefutable evidence of her innocence

11:46, 22 March 2012
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Lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko says...

Lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko says the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, which in under two months will consider Yulia Tymoshenko’s cassation appeal, has grounds to cancel the illegal sentence delivered on October 11, 2011 in the so-called “gas case” on the basis of the results of an independent evaluation of the ex-premier’s signature, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

“An expert analysis was performed on March 5, 2012 at the request of the defense team. This analysis established the following: “The directives to the Naftohaz Ukraine delegation for negotiations with Gazprom from Jan. 19, 2009” do not contain Tymoshenko’s personal signature, but a facsimile. Therefore, everything that Tymoshenko stands accused of – that she allegedly signed something – is refuted by the findings of the independent experts, which the defense spoke about during the trial in the Pechersk court. We have an independent conclusion. Given this, the High Specialized Court for Civil and Criminal Cases has no other choice but to cancel the shameful verdicts by the Pechersk court and appeals court and establish that Tymoshenko did not break the law,” Serhiy Vlasenko said at a press conference today in Kyiv.

Serhiy Vlasenko said the analysis and response to the letter from the defense team was signed by Oleksandr Krut, expert and director of the Alternatyva Center of Forensic Examinations. “The defense obtained the latest irrefutable evidence that there was no fault in Tymoshenko’s actions, as well as documents that clearly establish that the analysis that was the only proof of Tymoshenko’s alleged guilt was incorrect,” he stressed.

“There is no other evidence in the case. There is no other document that confirms Tymoshenko’s guilt, and there is also no document called a ‘directive’ personally signed by her,” he added.

Serhiy Vlasenko also noted that the case filed contains the opinion of Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych, who said decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers weren’t necessary for the signing of gas contracts with Russia in 2009. “But Mr. Azarov, like a parrot, continues to repeat that a cabinet decision was needed. I understand that Mr. Azarov is a better lawyer than Mr. Lavrynovych, but let Mr. Azarov continue to deal with cabbage – in the direct meaning of this word,” he said ironically.

“The issue of Tymoshenko’s disease is important and she must be saved because I believe the authorities are doing everything to artificially destroy her health. However, the issue of Tymoshenko’s innocence of the crime she was charged with is far more important,” he concluded.

At 10 am on May 15, 2012, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases will consider Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal of her conviction and sentence in the so-called “gas case”.

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