The Party of Regions initiates carrying out an All-Ukrainian referendum on three questions.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, Party of Regions electoral headquarters chief Borys Kolesnikov claimed this to a press conference today.

      He disclosed that the first question at the referendum will be “Do you agree that both Ukrainian and Russian languages have the state status”, the second – “Do you agree the chairmen of Oblast and district state administrations be elected over a direct voting”, and the third – “Do you support the neutral status of Ukraine”.

      According to B.Kolesnikov, on 6 September the Party of Regions will inform all local power bodies about creating initiative groups for preparing and carrying out the referendum. B.Kolesnikov stressed that they plan to collect not less than 9 million signatures in support of carrying out the referendum.

      In his opinion, the referendum may take place “in 60-75 days, beginning since 7 September”.