Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsneko will propose President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to sack Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, army general Oleksander Kuzmuk from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

      He said this in to an UNIAN correspondent today.

      “I will propose the President to sack general Kuzmuk from the Armed Forces”, O.Hrytsenko said.

      He stressed that O.Kuzmuk, being general of the Armed Forces, together with the political force that he is a member, speaks for depriving the President of the authorities of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and casts doubt upon fulfilling the decisions of the Head of State. He also votes for decisions of the government that are contrary to the decisions of the President.

      “I believe it would be fair to submit a resignation from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and to work as a politician. If a general continues to serve in the Armed Forces, he must fulfill decisions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief”, A.Hrytsenko stressed.

      The Defense Minister recalled that O.Kuzmuk proposed not to agree with the President the candidacies of Defense Minister’s deputies, he voted for the military budget, which did not correspond to the respective decree of the President and the State Program of the Ukrainian Armed Forces development.

      Besides, according to A.Hrytsenko, O.Kuzmuk criticizes the President at government’s sessions.