Six parties and bloc have real chances to penetrate into the parliament of Ukraine at the early election on 30 September: the Party of Regions (some 31.1%), BYuT (some 22%), Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense (12%), SPU (5.1%), Lytvyn’s Bloc (4.3%), and CPU (3.6%). These are the results of a poll, carried out by the Institute for Political and Sociological Studies named after T.Shevchenko. The poll results were publicized at a press conference in UNIAN by Institute chief Volodymyr Bondarenko.

      According to him, the following parties have chances to penetrate into the parliament: the Christian Bloc (some 2.5%), PSPU (some 2.2%), Svoboda Party (some 2.2%). At the same time, V.Bondarenko stressed that some 2.9% of respondents could not answer for which party they will vote, and some 5.5% will not take part in the election.

      V.Bondarenko believes that the rating of SPU and the Party of Regions increased after the parliamentary session of 4 September, at which lawmakers refused from privileges and immunity.

      The poll was carried out during August 29-September 4. 2014 respondents were interviewed. The error margin makes 2.2%.